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Power Tools Electric Drill 220v Wood Machine Tools Dremel Accessories For Rotary Tools Grinding Wheel Mini Drill Flexible Shaft

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    Product Name: multifunctional 5 speed regulating electric grinder
    Chuck diameter: 3mm
    Product voltage: 220V
    Product line length: 138mm
    Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
    Product weight: 659g
    Product speed: 10000~37000R/min
    Product material: all copper motor, engineering ABS, all steel bearing, rubber cable.
    Input power: 180W
    Product size: 190mm
    Product accessories: electric grinder, small spanner, carbon brush *2
    Application: It can be used for punching thin copper, aluminum, wood, plastic and
    other soft materials, and polishing, grinding, cutting and so on.

    161pcs includes:
    1: resin cutting disc diameter 22MM Suitable for cutting metal:72pcs
    2: sand grinding head Suitable for grinding metals:10pcs
    3: wire brush Suitable for cleaning:3pcs
    4: brass wire brush Suitable for cleaning:3pcs
    5: nylon brush Suitable for polishing:3pcs
    6: polishing paste polishing paste:2pcs
    7: twin wire cutting Suitable for cutting metal:5pcs
    8:Big sand paper Suitable for polishing:10pcs
    9: small circle sandpaper Suitable for polishing:12pcs
    10: polished section Suitable for grinding metals:12pcs
    11: big wool wheel buffing:1pcs
    12: small wool wheel buffing: 4pcs
    13: a small cloth wheel buffing:1pcs
    14: wool head buffing:1pcs
    15: the size of the rubber wheel The installation sand ring:2pcs
    16: the impeller Polished wood:1pcs
    17: rubber grinding accurate grinding:1pcs
    18: sharpening stone Grinding drill:1pcs
    19: high speed steel drill bit for drill wood:6pcs
    20: connecting clamp lever Install cutting polishing pills:3pcs
    21st: emery grinding needle Carved grinding:8pcs
    22: woodworking cutter Woodworking engraving:2pcs
    23: copper chuck Clip drill:4pcs
    24: wrench 1pcs

    75pcs includes:

    1.wire brush Suitable for cleaning:3pcs
    2.brass wire brush Suitable for cleaning:3pcs
    3.nylon brush Suitable for polishing:3pcs
    4.32mm twin wire cutting Suitable for cutting metal:6pcs
    5.Disc Connecting Shank:2pcs
    6.22mm Resin Cutting Wheel Disc for metal(black): 6pcs
    7.22mm Resin Cutting Wheel Disc for metal(red ): 6pcs
    8.Circular Saw Disc :6pcs
    9.woodworking cutter Woodworking engraving:2pcs
    10.Big sand paper Suitable for polishing:10pcs
    11.rubber grinding accurate grinding:1pcs
    12.big wool wheel buffing:1pcs
    13.small wool wheel buffing: 4pcs
    14.a small cloth wheel buffing:1pcs
    15.wool head buffing:1pcs
    16.the impeller Polished wood:1pcs
    17.wool head buffing shank:1pcs
    18.sharpening stone Grinding drill:1pcs
    19.polished section Suitable for grinding metals:2pcs
    20.sand grinding head Suitable for grinding metals:4pcs
    21.copper chuck Clip drill:4pcs
    22.high speed steel drill bit for drill wood:6pcs
    23.wrench 1pcs

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